Have you ever noticed how the app industry has become a huge success in such a small period of time? Well, for laymen the reason behind its tremendous success is its users, but have you ever thought how the app owner gains benefit from apps especially with free apps. You will be surprised to know, but apps are not just for user’s usage, but they also provide a great source of earning to app owners as well, it is a billion dollar industry and to know how to earn with the app you must know what are the different ways of earning money with the app.

How can the app help in earning money?

Freemium Apps:

Here comes the most popular and most promising revenue generator app model for you. It is not just popular among the app users, but app owners also love it due to its high revenue generation potential. Here the app is offered for free to users with limited features, and to unlock the premium features of the app, the buyer has to pay to buy the exclusive right. The premium version of the app offers various facilities to its users, including free update, content update, and latest features are offered to the paid users. Sometimes the app request monthly fee and some apps charge a one-time fee.

One time paid apps:

Some app provider charge one-time download fee. The user has to pay the due amount before downloading the app, the user is entitled to free updated version. To make paid apps popular, app owner has to ensure that the sample version offered at initial stage has all the compelling features to motivate the users to opt for the paid version. The features, quality and first impression of the app decide how the app will capture the market. If the app has potential to catch user’s attention, then users are willing to pay the one time fee as well.

Free app with the advertisement:

Here comes one of the most profitable monetization models for the app owner as well as for the users.  Such app is absolutely free for the user. They earn money by running non-intrusive advertisement as long as the app is in use. The amount of revenue depends on the number of users, this model promises higher returns only when the app is highly popular and it is being used by a huge number of users.

Some apps are for hobby and pastime and some apps are in business, the number of users and choice of version depends on user’s requirement as well. Plan the app that has potential to engage a larger number of users to make more money with the app.

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